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  • How Video Games Can Reunite a Divided World

    Perspectives /

    Last month, ESA President & CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis joined over 100 industry experts and innovators to represent the video game industry at The Digital Intelligence Symposium: XR+ Symposium in New York City.

  • VR, AR, and MR: How XR Technology is Shaping the Future

    Perspectives /

    Unlike hovercrafts, holograms, and humanoid robots, extended reality (XR) is no longer just a futuristic fantasy. XR technology today is a part of our daily lives—a widespread and accessible technology with limitless applications and potential.What is XR?XR is a catch-all category for all real-and-virtual combined environments generated by computer…

  • Video Games & Tech: Moving Beyond Their Entertainment Roots

    Perspectives /

    Video games moved beyond their roots as pure entertainment vehicles long ago. Today, several other industries have adopted core video game technology and adapted it to their own needs. In many cases, that's a game-like training device. In others, it's using the graphical advances game developers have pioneered in…

  • So scary, yet so fun: The role of self-efficacy in enjoyment of a virtual reality horror game

    Academic Research /

    This study uses a VR horror game to explore the relationship between horror self-efficacy, physiological arousal, and fear on enjoyment and future intention to play similar games. The results help shed light on why some individuals enjoy frightening content.

  • Recent Progress in Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Phobias: A Systematic Review

    Academic Research /

    Available evidence about virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) reveals that virtual reality (VR) is an effective treatment for phobias. VR use will be significantly expanded in routine clinical practice in the future.

  • Using Xbox Kinect Motion Capture Technology to Improve Clinical Rehabilitation Outcomes

    Academic Research /

    This study found that Kinect-based VR intervention was effective at improving dynamic balance in individuals with chronic severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). The potential therapeutic applications of commercial VR games are very promising.

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