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  • Internet and Video Game Industry Associations Respond to Today’s Net Neutrality Ruling

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    Internet Association (IA) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reiterated their support for strong, enforceable net neutrality rules today, following the ruling in Mozilla v FCC.

  • FCC Net Neutrality: ESA Comments

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    As a supporter of the decade-old consensus open Internet principles and policies that advance broadband deployment, ESA believes the Commission can, and should, maintain enforceable open Internet protections, consistent with the Commission’s authority, in a form that does not “deter the investment and innovation that has allowed the Internet…

  • Entertainment Software Association And Other Advocacy Groups Continue The Fight To Save Net Neutrality In New Legal Brief

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    The brief emphasizes that the FCC had no rational basis for repealing net neutrality protections in 2017, relied on dubious evidence, and ignored research contradicting its preferred outcome. “Gamers deserve a well-functioning internet without blocking or throttling interfering with their experience,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, interim CEO of the Entertainment…

  • Mozilla Corp. v. FCC: ESA et. al. Intervenors Brief

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    Petitioners, including ESA, seek review of an Order of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that eliminates judicially-approved rules the FCC adopted in 2015 to protect and promote net neutrality and an open internet.

  • Entertainment Software Association Files Motion to Intervene in Support of Net Neutrality

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    “The internet drives innovation, fuels our 21st century economy, and helps create the jobs of tomorrow—especially for the connected world of interactive entertainment. Consumers deserve rules of the road that prevent blocking, throttling, and other restrictive conduct – and enable the great online experiences that bring meaning and value…

  • FCC Broadband Definition: ESA Reply Comments

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    The ESA offers its comments and perspectives on the performance consumers need to access advanced telecommunications capability.

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